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Doctors: Should They Hold Back?

Posted by Versatility | 25 Aug 2005, 12:55am

Just a teaser of blog succeeding, reactions to the woman in New Hampshire who filed a complaint because her doctor told her for health reasons that she is obese and should lose weight. Follow up momentarily....... :0)

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Posted by Versatility | 5 Aug 2004, 2:24pm

LOVERS 101 - The Little Things Matter!
(Alternatively: "The Devil Is In The Detail!)

It has become very apparent to me, through many of my dear female friends, that some of you men have no clue on how to express and show your love, appreciation and respect of your women!

I count myself very fortunate in being brought up well by parents who taught me that the little things really do matter.

Take for instance the concept of "Romance" This has become a misconceived notion of flowers, chocolates and champagne. No! These are mere marketing ploys, enabling money hungry corporate fatcats to become even richer. Romance is not the material goods you can provide but an ATTITUDE.

It is all about making the person you care for feel special. If you act like a gentlemen, by doing small gestures, like opening the door for her, allowing her to sit before you, listening to her attentively not just pretending to or doing a yes-dear-type of conversation,  sharing smiles and laughs, and generally making her feel like the queen that she is to YOU, then you have accomplished true romance.

You do not need to purchase anything to show romance. Its in the way you speak to her, hold her hand, laugh at her jokes, compliment her ideas and style and generally make it known that you value her company and her intelligence and everything she has to offer. That's true romance.

So why do some of you men feel the need to do extravagant, elaborate actions to try and express your love for your woman? Not only are they hard to organise, but they do NOT last. They are momentary events. To make your expression of love easier, give her the little things. Again, these range from smiling as you listen to her, acknowledging her opinions, holding a door open for her or just a gentle kiss on the cheeks or the tip of the nose.

Little things really do go a long way, and the long road of relationships starts but with a step!

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LOVERS 101 - Preceding Warning

Posted by Versatility | 4 Aug 2004, 12:46am

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Ramblings Begun!

Posted by Versatility | 1 Aug 2004, 3:13pm

Gosh, I feel very nervous now, as this is my first every Blog. My mind is an array of ideas and thoughts all fighting to be the first out and in print lmao.

Well, today I have learned what "friendship" is all about. See, I was introduced to the world of blogs by a dear friend, who took off the "friend" hat and put on her "tutor" hat in order to teach me and guide me through the process. She did all of this with a smile in her heart, and a laugh on her lips!

And then, once all was created, she slipped the "friend" hat back on lol.

Let me know your thoughts on friendship. That seems like a good place to start.

And gosh, I feel like the Pandora's box of my mind has been opened and there is no stopping it now.

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